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Hi, I’m Loretta!​

I’m Loretta, owner and chief number cruncher of Blackfly Bookkeeping. I help small business owners trying to juggle too many balls at once and find that their finances are falling into disarray.  Most of my clients are in Maine, but I can serve businesses anywhere in the US.

Your business is your baby. Your expertise is your genius. That’s where you shine! You didn’t go into business to do bookkeeping, but I did, and that’s where I shine! My specialty is Quickbooks Online, the most commonly used small business software. Common it is, but intuitive? Not so much.

I give you back three things you got into business for:


You got tired of punching a clock and working for someone else. You wanted more flexibility and control over your day. You did NOT want to be sitting up late trying to untangle invoices and payments, receipts, and expenses so that you could file your taxes in time.


Great, you can file your taxes. So you made a profit (hooray) and owe taxes (such a privilege). But wait, “How can I be so profitable and have no money in the bank to pay my taxes? How does that work out?”

What cash are you wasting on late fees, poor decisions, or indecision? Have you ever paid yourself from your business, then had to put the money right back to pay a bill? Where did the money go? Are you making mistakes that cost you more in taxes or expensive tax-prep fees?


How many hats do you wear in your business? Are you still fulfilling the roles of CEO, lead worker, bookkeeper, and janitor? Imagine what a relief it would be to have a professional on your side to give you quick, accurate information about your business so you know where to steer it.

Blackfly Bookkeeping delivers consistent, timely bookkeeping designed to help you make sound real-time decisions with information accessible anywhere from secure cloud-based software. You’ll recover the time you lost and work with an easier mind, knowing I have your back.

By way of example, just as COVID was rearing its ugly head, I began working with an extremely busy business owner. She had the skills to do her own books. Yet, she realized that she was spread too thin by pivoting and restructuring her business during 2020.

When I took the burden of bookkeeping off her shoulders, she felt great, had peace of mind, and could concentrate better on nurturing her business. She also could file her taxes in January this year, rather than filing for an extension as she did for the last five years because the books stayed clear and accurate year-round.

I love working with my clients and enjoy freeing them up to do what they love most. It’s a privilege to witness the growth and blooming of their businesses.

High Praise From Our Clients