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Types of Bookkeeping Services

Every profession has its terminology. Here is a list of bookkeeping services I offer with some extra description: Catch-up Entering business transactions a month or more behind into your bookkeeping software. This includes reconciliations of all business bank and credit card accounts. I make sure that the transactions in the books match what the bank … Continued

Recording a PPP Loan in Your Ledger

There are several phases to the PPP loan. At least two entries need to be made in the accounting when the loan is received and when it is forgiven or paid back. Without further ado, here is a quick set of steps for getting it in the books: Set up a new account in your … Continued

In a Nutshell – Setting up Sales Tax in QuickBooks Online

Occasionally, I see a set of books where the business owner invoices a client and needs to charge them sales tax. They send an invoice to be paid in the future or post a sales receipt if a customer paid already in QuickBooks. One line will be for the product or service sold. They enter … Continued


Why “Blackfly”?

I get asked pretty often, why did I choose Blackfly for my business name? Well, we all know how blackflies in Maine are beyond annoying. They’re something we can’t get away from and just need to deal with because they are there whether we want them or not. Most business owners did not go into … Continued


What is Bookkeeping?

Many people think, oh, you do taxes? Nope, that’s an EA or CPA. Or, even worse, you work at a library or place bets on horses? Nope, nope, nope. What is bookkeeping, anyway? Bookkeeping is the data side of accounting. It is keeping track of all the income and expenses that flow in and out … Continued


Cash Flow – Where’d My Money Go?

One of the main reasons small businesses fail is not lack of business but problems with cash flow management. A business may show a profit each year, as far as their tax return goes. However, if they spend that and more, they will always be crunched for cash. A good cash flow spreadsheet can help … Continued

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