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For business owners who have better things to do than stress about bookkeeping!


Welcome to Blackfly Bookkeeping!

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QuickBooks Online® ProAdvisor

While I have experience in several accounting programs, I specialize in QuickBooks Online®, a cloud-based software.  It is the most widely used accounting software for small businesses in the United States. 

Quickbooks may seem plug & play on the surface, but there’s a lot about it that’s not intuitive.  Not only do you need to understand the accounting principles behind it, but you also need to understand the way the software interfaces with those concepts. 


That being said, it shines specifically because it handles accounting so well and integrates with many apps designed for specific industries.  While some of those industry-specific apps may do a little financial tracking, they tend to do it as an afterthought, and you don't really receive the financial tracking  you need as a business owner. 


With a certified Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor, you have someone on your side whose business it is to know business accounting, Quickbooks, its associated apps, and the most efficient way to handle them as it relates to your business. 

Remote Bookkeeping Support

The benefit of using a Virtual Bookkeeper is convenience and quality.  You get a trained professional regardless of where you or they live.  You aren’t stuck hiring the only available person in town or your neighbor’s cousin, but someone who knows the software, doesn’t tie up a computer at your office, knows how to use the cloud to capture receipts and store them, who’s motivated to understand your business and find ways to help you grow it. 

USA Based Bookkeeping

There are lots of online bookkeeping services available these days, many based overseas.  And they seem cheap on the surface.  But how much do you enjoy speaking with someone who’s hard to understand?  Do you think they really are interested in being a business partner who wants to see you succeed?  Or are they just part of a churn mill, giving perfunctory service to as many clients as possible? 


With a US bookkeeper, you have someone who knows the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) that are used in the U.S.A.  Someone who understands US tax law, state-to-state nuances, domestic struggles with banking, marketing and daily life.  Someone who can relate to the ups and downs of running a business in this country. 

Learn more

Let's talk about your business to see what you need and if we're a good fit.  Give a call or drop and email and we'll set up a time time for a phone or Zoom call.  Thank you for your interest!


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