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Why You Should Choose Blackfly Bookkeeping


Quickbooks Online
Pro Advisor

Quickbooks may seem plug and play on the surface, but there’s a lot about it that’s not intuitive. Not only do you need to understand the accounting principles behind it, but also the way the program interfaces with those concepts. With a certified Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor, you have someone on your side whose business it is to know those things and the most efficient way to handle them as it relates to your business.


Remote Bookkeeping

The benefit of using a Virtual Bookkeeper is convenience and quality. You get a trained professional regardless of where you or they live. You aren’t stuck hiring the only available person in town or your neighbor’s cousin, but someone who knows the software, doesn’t tie up a computer at your office, knows how to use the cloud to capture receipts and store them, who’s motivated to understand your business, and find ways to help you grow it.


USA Based

There are lots of online bookkeeping services available these days. Many are based overseas. They seem cheap on the surface. However, with a US bookkeeper, you have someone who knows the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) used in the U.S.A., understands U.S. tax laws, state-to-state nuances, domestic struggles with banking, marketing, and daily life. Someone who can relate to the ups and downs of running a business in this country.

Monthly Bookkeeping

How many hours do you spend doing bookkeeping a month? With monthly bookkeeping, I take that burden off your shoulders for a fixed monthly price. You don’t have to worry that it will get done. You don’t have to wonder how much it will cost each month. You have unlimited email access to me and 1-hour phone or Zoom support every month. Each month, we discuss the trends and trajectory of your business to determine whether there are opportunities to take advantage of or problems to nip in the bud. Level up your business by outsourcing a headache and doubling down on what you do best!

About Monthly Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Review

You know your books are a mess and need to be fixed. But, what will it entail? What will it cost? I offer a comprehensive diagnosis of your Quickbooks ledger, provide you with a report of problems, recommendations for corrections, and a quote for performing said corrections. You can do the “repairs” yourself, hire someone else, or hire me. This gives you a game plan to help you decide if this is a DIY project or requires a professional. If you engage me to do the cleanup, the cost of the diagnosis is applied to the cleanup cost.

About Bookkeeping Review

Bookkeeping Cleanup

What’s the first thing that gets left behind? You guessed it, the books. Especially if one of these scenarios happened. You went in blind and drowned in the situation, something unexpected came up, you fell behind, or almost everything seemed to be done right, but the numbers make no sense whatsoever. If the state of your books is getting in the way of getting your taxes filed, applying for a business loan, or making sound business decisions, you might just be in need of a clean-up. Give me a call for a free 30-minute consultation!

About Bookkeeping Cleanup

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