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About Me

Hi!  I’m Loretta, owner and chief number cruncher of Blackfly Bookkeeping. I help small business owners who are trying to juggle too many balls at once and find that their finances are falling into disarray.  Your business is your baby, and your expertise is your genius - that’s where you shine!  You didn’t go into business to do bookkeeping, but I did -- that’s where I shine!  My specialty is Quickbooks Online - the most commonly used small business software.  Common it is, but intuitive? ….not so much.  

I give you back three things you got into business for:

Time: You got tired of punching a clock and working for someone else.  You wanted more flexibility and control over your day.  You did NOT want to be sitting up late trying to untangle invoices and payments, receipts and expenses, just so you could file your taxes in time.  

Money: Great, you can file your taxes.  You made a profit (hooray) and owe taxes (such a privilege).    But wait…”how can I be so profitable and have no money in the bank to pay my taxes?  How does that work out?”  What cash are you wasting on late fees, poor decisions or indecision?  Have you ever paid yourself from your business, then had to put the money right back in order to pay a bill?  ? Where did the money go?  Are you making mistakes that are costing you more in taxes or expensive tax-prep fees?

Control: How many hats are you wearing in your business?  Are you still fulfilling the roles of CEO, lead worker, bookkeeper and janitor?  Imagine what a relief it would be to have a professional on your side, to give you quick and accurate information about your business!

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Dean Bird - Bangor

"Excellent bookkeeper, she really knows her stuff. Highly recommend.”

Mathew Moreland - Bangor, ME

"I know Loretta personally. She is meticulous with the details and attentive to every nuance of recording keeping. From preparing for tax season to making sure your books are reconciled every month, Loretta has you covered."

Chip Foss - Bangor ME

"Loretta knows her stuff. She is focused, knowledgeable and can take a huge stress off someone's shoulders who wants to spend time growing and not keeping books."

Jenn Litteral - Brewer, ME

"Highly recommend Blackfly Bookkeeping so professional and knowledgeable. I read the other day that in business you should hire out for the things you aren't good at, usually as business owners we never do because we hire for the jobs we understand. Our business had lots of changes this year and we needed an overhaul to our books and how sweet it is to see them in such great order - that is Loretta she brings order to chaos!"

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