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Monthly Bookkeeping

Monthly bookkeeping services tailored to your business needs at a fixed monthly rate. 

Bookkeeping, or lack of it, is killing your business!  You didn’t go into business to be stuck at a computer cursing Quickbooks!  Yet without those numbers, how will you know if you are making money?  If you are spending it faster than you make it?  If you are not being paid by your customers?  How will you notice when services or supplies suddenly double in price, eating away at your profit? 

How many hours do you spend doing bookkeeping a month?  What if you had that time to make more money? Be with family? Sleep?   How much time SHOULD you be spending, if you are just ignoring it?

How long will it take you to Google how to record a new type of transaction?  Or watch the Quickbooks videos and painstakingly work through it?  It might take me 5 minutes to do the same thing that you would need to spend an hour figuring out. 

Wouldn’t you rather be making money doing what you’re best at?

I’m best at bookkeeping!  Let me help you by doing what I do best, so you can go do what you do best.  It frees up your time and takes a load of stress off your shoulders!

With monthly bookkeeping, I take that burden off your shoulders for a fixed monthly price.  You don’t have to worry that it will get done and you don’t have to wonder how much it will cost each month.  You have unlimited email access to me and 1 hour phone or Zoom support every month.  Each month we discuss the trends and trajectory of your business, to determine whether there are opportunities to take advantage of or problems to nip in the bud.   Level  up your business by outsourcing a headache and doubling down on what you do best!  ​

Outsource your bookkeeping, and get it off your plate! 

  1. We have a session where we analyze your needs and business goals.

  2. I give you a custom package tailored to your needs.

  3. We sign a mutual agreement that clearly states mutual responsibilities and safeguards. 

What you get

  • Dedicated professional bookkeeper who cares keeping your business healthy and profitable

  • Monthly bookkeeping - accurate, efficient and on-time!

  • Wholesale-price subscription to QuickBooks Online and Hubdoc receipt capture, if needed

  • Customized chart of accounts

  • Project-based profit-tracking, if appplicable

  • Bank statement import & reconciliation

  • Credit card statement reconciliation

  • 3rd party payroll integration*

  • ACH & online payment reconciliations

  • Financial statements and video review with bookkeeper every month

  • Tax-ready package for your CPA

  • Can include Bill Pay assistance and Invoicing assistance*

*I comply strictly with proper internal controls and separation of duties.  I will never have signatory access to any of your financial accounts or do payroll approval.  All such approval must be handled by the business owner or their designated representative. 

Monthly bookkeeping puts your financial data at your fingertips
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